Friday, July 24, 2009

Words to waste time for your eyeholes

My day in fast forward, made blogs, slept 6 hours, woke up, snoozed, skipped breakfast, worked bookstore, einstein's on break, santa fe wrap, stomache trouble, work, lunch, fruit cup and sprite, bad melons decent grapes, left early, car didn't start, met young preacher who gave me a jump, car still didn't start, wait in the heat, car starts magically, uncle follows me to dealer, car fixed, 30 bucks, called sprint-then assurion-went on assurion's website-called assurion again-sent me to sprint-hung up and called sprint-talked to operator-talked to foreign assurion operator-new Rumor 2 in the mail Tuesday-50 bucks, haggle, chill.

All and all, pretty good day. Best all week. I give it 3 and half stars, unlike any of the new movies. Won't be going to the movies because I don't feel like Guinea Pig espionage, The Omen female edition, or watching a romantic comedy with my guy friends.

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