Thursday, July 23, 2009

Starting my Own Web Log

I don't really plan to use this now, but I may in the future. Who knows?

About Me: I'm a Christian, Southern Baptist specifically, and while I don't take full responsibility for all that those who claim to be my people have done to the world, I am going to try to keep my blog PG-13 and non-time wastey for that sake.

Now on to other things, I'm studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Creative Writing (Fiction) at Clemson University and I'm the '09-'10 President of Clemson Improv's Mock Turtle Soup, and I plan on calling next year "O-ten."

This summer my super awesome girlfriend is in Oxford studying Jane Austen for 6 weeks (well 5, but one of them was spent backpacking through Scotland). She started a web log for her trip, I got an account so I could post on her web logs, ipso facto I started a web log of my own. I don't really want to get into the habit of using "Blog" "Blogging" or "Blogger" because it sounds like a word for vomit. Then again Web Log makes me sound like a nerrrrrd so I'll think of something else to call it.

Weblogosphere prepare for comedy, sarcasm, wit, and maybe some wisdom here and there.

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