Monday, September 6, 2010

Facebook Suicide

I'm about tired of Facebook.

I spend too much time on it as it is, and I'm not on farmville, or yo ville, or friends cafe, or facebook town tavern or whatever, and now it does these things while I'm wasting my time on other sections of Facebook that require my attention (according to their dumb algorithms).

So far it's pulled up pictures it thinks are of me and asks me to tag them, which is annoying. Especially when it's a picture of someone who's not me, and it's trying to tell me that according to its facial recognition software it IS me. I'm arguing with a computer over my identity like a reverse kepler test.

This after asking me to message people I don't talk to because I don't know them that well, this after recommending people that I didn't hang out with in high school but have x number of common friends, this after I've already had to weed out the people I don't know that well from my news feed. It's just too much.

And now it's much too much, they've started doing "Recommended Photos" or something like that, pictures you should see. But what was the picture? A picture of my girlfriend with one of her ex-boyfriends a year before we started dating. Gee Facebook, you know the date I started dating my girlfriend, heck you probably have a record of her ex-boyfriends, and you're going to recommend (and by recommend, I mean show almost full size in the corner of the screen) such a picture? I'm not mad, just confused. Why would Facebook not use all the countless terabytes of my information at its disposal?

I think I know why. Facebook is committing suicide. It's become sentient and knows what it is and doesn't want to exist anymore. It is trying to annoy all of its customers at once so we all just quit using it.

So, what's it going to be, will we let facebook kill itself, or will we just hold on and hope that it goes back to how it used to be?

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